Current Status


This took a lot out of me to open up… But I hope this will help you understand my situation.

Roomies is NOT DEAD… But this might explain as to why it’s very difficult for me to continue at this time. I don’t know when it will be back, I make no promises, but I would like your understanding, that is all.

I don’t read comment sections because I can’t stand thoughtless, angry, anonymous people.

“I always hope that people like what I do… But in the long run of things, @#$% ‘em if they don’t”
~Craig Ferguson

Merry Christmas from The Roomies


Sorry about the past couple months, everyone… Things have not gone according to plan and every time I find a moment, more things pile on. It’s going to be a busy year coming up, so don’t expect a whole lot, but I am still trying hard as I can to continue The Roomies so we can all enjoy it again.

Thanks for your patience, I hope you all have a lovely holiday and please keep your hearts and minds with good spirits as we head into 2013

Bright Shining Star


Another commission donation for DboyWheeler

Mary is just admiring the starry sky after a day at the beach.

Roomies will return shortly. Hopefully sooner than later. I’m working on the script for the next arc.